Friendly Community
Among the Shadows is a Friends and Family style community, welcoming of all types of players. We realize that members many responsibilities outside of gaming. We want your membership here to be long and a fun experience.

Frequent Events
Most of our gaming divisions hosts a variety of events weekly. Our MMORPG divisions host dungeons and raids every week. Our RTS divisions host trainings, custom games, and tournament events. We use Ventrilo as our voice communication for events.

Expanding Community
Our community is member driven. Many of our established divisions are here because members stepped up to create them. This community is not about one person dictating the games of the community, it is about members making it what they want it to be.

Recent News

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Marvel Heroes 2015 Patch 1.24 Now Live!Nov 14, 2014

Industry City Patrol has arrived! A brand new game mode in the vein of Midtown Patrol, Industry City Patrol has our heroes in the middle of a crime war in Brooklyn, battling their way through Maggia, A.I.M. and more! If that’s not enough, while on p... Read More

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Marvel Heroes 1.22 Patch NotesNov 3, 2014
The unstoppable Juggernaut has arrived in Marvel Heroes! Plow through enemies with your immense strength and build up Juggernaut’s resource - Momentum! By building up Momentum, Juggernaut gains movement speed (and changes running animations!) in additi... Read More

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The Revanites’ AscendanceOct 26, 2014
The Revanites’ Ascendance
FROM: The Shroud
TO: All Assets (Level 25 Encoding Active)
SUBJECT: The Order of Revan

I have mentioned in the past that a number of embedded Imperial and Republic assets have been eliminated. Some of these deaths appeared purely incidental, w... Read More

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Shard Downtime – Faeblight, Laethys, and WolfsbaneOct 24, 2014
Shard Downtime – Faeblight, Laethys, and Wolfsbane

Last night at roughly 4:00 AM pacific we experienced a hardware outage on the following shards: Faeblight, Laethys, and Wolfsbane. Phones were called, people were roused from beds, and the recovery process continued t... Read More

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Welcome to Nightmare Tide!Oct 22, 2014
Welcome to Nightmare Tide!
Posted by RIFTgame on 22 October 2014
Categories: Community News, From the Dev Team, Game Updates, News & Announcements, Updates.

With the launch of Nightmare Tide, we have breached planar boundaries and together we march, ride, and swim into ... Read More

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Marvel Heroes 1.20a NotesOct 20, 2014
Today's patch is an "emergency" patch in order to address our client crash issue in addition to other issues discovered once the patch went live.
Fixed the crash issue.
Psylocke will no longer be targeted by enemies after being stealthed by Psionic... Read More

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Marvel Heroes 1.20 NotesOct 20, 2014
This is a large patch with many, many improvements to heroes and systems, game-wide.
Thanks to all the testers who helped the daily iterations on the patch and the developers who worked hard to make it happen!

We’re happy ... Read More

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The Old Republic Community Cantina TourOct 18, 2014
The Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Cantina Tour Arrives in Las Vegas, Nevada!

We’re happy to announce that the next stop in the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Community Cantina Tour will be happening on Saturday, November 15th, 2014!

This is your chance to join... Read More

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Marvel Heroes 1.19 Patch NotesOct 10, 2014

A.R.M.O.R. Incursion has returned to Marvel Heroes! Assist Jocasta and the agents of A.R.M.O.R. by defeating threats throughout the game.
Enemies drop a set number of ARMOR Drives according to this key:

... Read More

Revan Has ReturnedOct 7, 2014
Shadow of Revan Announcement

In the midst of the ongoing war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, a long-hidden sect of extremists has emerged, led by the enigmatic former hero of th... Read More

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The Humble Galactic RepublicOct 2, 2014
The Galactic Republic
A Bright Light In The Darkness...

For more than twenty thousand years, the Galactic Republic has been the most civilized and advanced power in the known galaxy. Governed by the Galactic Senate with representatives from hundreds of star systems and p... Read More

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The Dreaded and Mighty Sith EmpireOct 2, 2014
The Sith Empire
Determined to dominate the galaxy

The true origins of the Sith remain shrouded in mystery. The Sith race was, in fact, largely unimportant until three thousand years ago, when Dark Jedi exiles arrived on Korriban and subjugated the Sith beneath their rule... Read More

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Marvel Heroes 1.17 NotesSep 25, 2014

The Red version of Muspelheim Raid is on the live servers for a full week of public beta testing before they officially launch next week.During this week, red-difficulty raids will have loot (on a separate cooldown from green terminals), i... Read More

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Advanced Pack 2 Pre-OrderSep 24, 2014
Advanced Pack 2 is now up to Pre-Order.

Deluxe edition will also include X-23 bundle if ordered before Oct 10th.

EDIT: Advanced Pack 2

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Among the Shadows - Republic GuildSep 23, 2014
Last night, we re-established our Republic faction guild. We have opened this faction guild to allow members to have their characters of both factions in the same guild. We will slowly be working towards operations and other events. These events will not conflict with the Si... Read More

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Terror From Beyond Story Mode Completed!Sep 21, 2014
We started Terror from Beyond story mode on Thursday and got all the way to the final boss, but we tried to destroy him and didn't make it. So we Came back on Saturday and we Destroyed The Terror from Beyond, we all had a great time and the team did an awesome job. But it di... Read More

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Crypt of Hearts Vanguished!Sep 20, 2014
Crypt of Hearts in Rivenspire has been vanquished under the banner of Among Shadows!

Hector Lannibal (Lukati_K) Role: VR12 Lollygagger
Arganoc, Title: Sir Diesalot
Ermagerd (Eragard)
Claricea Starlinor (Dublicious) -- left no hairs unsplit.

We first ran Thursday ni... Read More

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Marvel Heroes 1.16 NotesSep 19, 2014
A little late, but here are the notes for the update yesterday.

This week’s efforts focused mainly on bug fixing, a few quality of life changes and the Bronx Zoo One-Shot Story zone.

As we promised earlier in the year, we’re h... Read More

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Recent Community PromotionsSep 18, 2014
Recently, several have stepped up into leadership positions within the community for various games. Thank you guys for stepping up and help lead your respective games, and help continue to move the community forward.

Elder Scrolls Online
Officers: Dublicious and Lukati_K

H... Read More

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Remaining Hero Releases and level 52 reviews.Sep 17, 2014
The remaining hero releases are currently set as follows:

Nova (First Half of October)
Juggernaut (release date not confirmed - likely after Nova)
Magneto (release date not confirmed - likely after Juggernaut)
Venom (release date not confirmed - likely after Magneto)
... Read More

Quote BoxesSep 13, 2014
I have added some quote boxes to the site for all game divisions. If there are official postings from game developers, you can put them into these quote boxes. Below is the syntax for them.

Example ESO quote box

Example HS quote box

Example HotS quote box

Example... Read More

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Scum and Villainy Story Mode ClearedSep 12, 2014
Last night, we went into our first organized guild operation, of Story Mode Scum and Villainy. We had a lot of fun, and did very well in our first organized event. Congratulations to everyone. Read More

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Legacy of the Rakata FlashpointSep 12, 2014
Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoint Now Live!

Don’t miss out on the epic finale to the “Forged Alliances” storyline with the release of the new Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoint, now live!

Discover the mysteries of the historic planet of Rakata Prime, a tropical world largely co... Read More

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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.15 NotesSep 12, 2014
Odin’s Bounty has returned and with it, a game mode rotation (with a new twist)!
In order to give player’s choice over when and where they want their lootsplosions and avoid slowdowns, buffed game modes will drop new Chests of Odin’s Bounty!
These ches... Read More

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Rift ForumsSep 11, 2014
At some point recently, a website error occurred with 4 of the forum sections within Rift. A MyBB Error 1064 was displayed. The error looked like:

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.
SQL Error:
1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check t... Read More

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Nightmare Rift Named Best in Show at PAX!Sep 10, 2014
Nightmare RIFT Named Best in Show at PAX! It’s not often an expansion recieves high honors, but our friends at MMORPG have graced us with Best in Show at PAX!

We’re awfully proud of the work the RIFT team is doing on Nightmare Tide, but when we sat down with the crew at ... Read More

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Get the Ice Bucket in Rift and Join the FightSep 10, 2014
Get the Ice Bucket in RIFT and Join the Fight. Daglar has thrown down the gauntlet: It’s time for the Ascended to join the fight against ALS – and you can participate without spilling a drop of water!

Get the new Ice Bucket at the RIFT in-game store to douse yourself in f... Read More

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The State of AS in ESOSep 5, 2014
From Luk in the ESO thread:

Greetings to all AS members! As you may have noticed, the obligatory jettison of first-month and 'race to the end' players has occurred, leaving our guild roster a bit thin. Arg, Dub and I have gotten together and have been discussing this, and... Read More

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Tales of the Deep: Akvan TiroyogoSep 4, 2014
Tales of the Deep: Akvan Tiroyogo

Salblet hated the dry air. The skelf could survive indefinitely out of the sea, but his eyes could not make out fine details and they itched. Still, Grenk had insisted on Salbet’s company, and one did not refuse Grenk unless you had a sch... Read More

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Exploring Goboro Reef Part 1: Getting Your Feet WetSep 4, 2014
Exploring Goboro Reef Part 1: Getting Your Feet Wet

On the other side of the Infinity Gate lies Goboro Reef, a majestic zone teeming with life from the wells of Atragaria to the hellish spires of Gyel Fortress. Grab your diving helmet and riding shark – it’s time to explo... Read More

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Explore Nightmare Tide Collector's EditionSep 4, 2014
Explore Nightmare Tide™ Collector’s Editions

Three Nightmare Tide Collector’s Editions have surfaced from the depths laden with signature loot paving your way to the Plane of Water!

Prepare for RIFT® 3.0 with an Instant Boost to Level 60, new Equipment Slots, an amphib... Read More

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Behind the Scenes with RoughRaptors?Sep 4, 2014
RIFT Behind the Scenes with… RoughRaptors?

It’s always good to welcome a new dev to the RIFT team, but it’s especially fun when it’s someone you feel like you already know. Long-time player RoughRaptors (now to be known as SupermanSocks), a very vocal member of the Commun... Read More

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New Security feature for Glyph!Sep 4, 2014
New security feature for Glyph!
Starting Thursday, we are adding a new security feature to Glyph to help keep your account safe.

When you log in from a new computer or a place that we haven’t seen you log in from before, you’ll be asked to verify that it really is you that’... Read More

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Set Sail for the Planes: Rift 3.0 launches Oct. 8!Aug 30, 2014
Set Sail for the Planes: RIFT 3.0 launches Oct. 8! The RIFT Nightmare Tide™ expansion is bearing down on Telara, with launch targeted for Oct. 8!

Setting sail for the Plane of Water – the beginning of an adventure that’s been years in the making – is your first chance to co... Read More

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Marvel Heroes 2015 1.14 NotesAug 29, 2014
Small patch today. We have Midtown Madness going live again and some bug fixes listed. Enjoy!

This week’s event is simple and direct: Midtown Madness
Midtown Madness has 3 components:

This can include some very ra... Read More

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Website UpdatesAug 28, 2014
There has been a couple new additions to the website.

User Pruning
When the new theme was launched, our registration process was overhauled and streamlined. This also made way for spam accounts. This was foreseen, and none of those spam accounts have actually been able t... Read More

Marvel Heroes 2015 1.13 LiveAug 22, 2014
We're introducing a new recurring event this week called: Operation Omega.
Operation Omega lasts all week and will grow each time it's brought back on a monthly basis.

Omega is the 24th and final number in the Greek alphabet. The ult... Read More

Among Shadows back in The Old RepublicAug 17, 2014
As of today, we have re-established our guild within Star Wars: The Old Republic. We have decided upon the Sith Empire faction, opposite of what we originally established back at the game launch.

We are building up the guild, with plans of strong end-game presence. The gu... Read More

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Marvel Heroes 2015 Patch 1.11 Now Live!Aug 8, 2014
We’re happy to announce a new event launching this week: Cosmic Chaos!
This event will last the full week, until next week’s patch. This event is also recurring and will come back every month, allowing for short-term and long-term goals for the ev... Read More

New Officer - Marvel Heroes styleAug 6, 2014
Hello All,

As a lot have known, I've been handling the day to day activities regarding our Marvel Heroes division for a while now. We have had some shaky points in the game and thanks to the devs(and us as players) not giving up, the game is prospering in ways many didn't... Read More

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New Website ThemeAug 1, 2014
Today, we are launching our new website theme! There has been substantial changes all around to various portions of the website, and some added features.

1. New Registration / Login
When logging into the site, you will notice a new popup window for loggi... Read More

Marvel Heroes 1.1 is now live!Jul 31, 2014
Marvel Heroes 1.1 brings:
Star Lord as a playable hero,
Rocket gets a movie costume along with groot(Plus Groot, Gamora, and Drax team ups!!)
We can now Upgrade Items to a higher tier.
Raiding now has Green level open.
Rocket gets his 52 review
Optimizations, bug fixes, a... Read More

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Wildstar Division ClosingJul 30, 2014
Due to recent events, we will be shutting down our Wildstar division.

I realize that we have had some join quite recently to the community. One thing that we value here is that members have fun with the games that they are playing. We hope that those new members will sti... Read More

New OfficersJul 27, 2014
Hey everyone,

We have had a couple officer promotions this week. First, for Hearthstone, Jaleyn has stepped up to lead this group. He will be assisting with recruiting, doing tournament events against other Hearthstone groups, and other events. The next one is for World o... Read More

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Marvel Heroes Game Update 1.09 is Live!Jul 25, 2014
This patch focuses on the release of the Domino team-up and some quality of life changes in various places in the game.

Leading up to the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, we’re having various events and promotions as a countdo... Read More

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Rift Nightmare Tide ExpansionJun 28, 2014
Nightmare Tide Announcement Recap It’s been absolutely amazing seeing RIFT players’ reaction to all this week’s news about our upcoming expansion, Nightmare Tide. Here’s a handy recap of everything ... Read More

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Marvel Heroes 2015 Patch Notes 1.04Jun 27, 2014

The End of the Anniversary event is here!
As a special thanks to the amazing Marvel Heroes players, the team has gone all out creating the most epic event yet. It will run Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and including some of the most requested even... Read More

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WildStar Patch Notes - Build 6723Jun 10, 2014
Patch Highlights
The EULA has been updated. Read it! It's awesome, as EULAs go.Improved performance on AMD processors which are powering down because the game is not heavily using any single core by having the main thread of the game prefer to be scheduled on a single core.... Read More

Seventh SC2 Tournament Bronze-GoldJun 8, 2014
I'm FINALLY happy to announce our seventh among the shadows tournament!

ABOUT : For the lower-leagues, it's really hard to publicize themselves in this tough e-sports scene. Even though they may be lacking in skills, they've worked hard to improve themselves in the world'... Read More

Marvel Heroes 2015 1.0 Patch NotesJun 4, 2014
Just click and enjoy! Too much to digest in one post lol

Marvel Heroes 2015 Live!

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Siege of Orgrimmar Normal Cleared!Jun 2, 2014
Last night, we went into Siege of Orgrimmar and took down Garrosh Hellscream! All of the hardwork our team has put in over the last couple weeks has really paid off. Great job, everyone!

... Read More

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Arcade Get Together Saturday, May 31stMay 30, 2014
Hey Guys, Angel here! I'd like to invite everyone to the first arcade get together!!!!! It'd be great if everyone could come online w/ Vent to play some arcade games. Tons of fun, laughs, and mainly a great opportunity to socialize and make new friends in the community.

Sta... Read More

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Mad Bomber Tournament 2May 29, 2014
We will be hosting our next "Mad Bomber" Tournament next Saturday, June 7th at 4pm EST.

With this Mad Bomber tournament, you may NOT use duplicate cards. You MUST have 30 unique cards in your deck.

Those interested in participating can find more information on our Mad ... Read More

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Patch 2.49 is live!May 29, 2014
This is the last patch before our anniversary patch and contains a few small bug fixes and kicks off a new event.
The Odin’s Bounty rotation is returning! Starting later today (schedule will be posted), we will be buffing game modes on ... Read More

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Arcade Get Together Sunday, May 25thMay 24, 2014
Hey Guys, Angel here! I'd like to invite everyone to the first arcade get together!!!!! It'd be great if everyone could come online w/ skype Vent to play some arcade games. Tons of fun, laughs, and mainly a great opportunity to socialize and make new friends in the community... Read More

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Game Update 2.47 is Live.May 23, 2014
Psylocke is here and Wolverine gets an upgrade. Sentinels are attacking, so you better be ready bub!

Sentinels have invaded Marvel Heroes! In place of summoning affixes, enemies will now summon deadly Sentinels in their place! These Sentinels... Read More

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Craglorn Patch 1.1.2May 22, 2014
After countless weeks of waiting, our friends at ESO have released the Craglorn Patch.

After reading through it, I see that many of the issues that we have been dealing with, on a daily basis
have finally been fixed. ( I finally get my achievement form Coldharbour, YAYY... Read More

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Patch Notes for 5/21/2014 updateMay 22, 2014
WildStar has a habit right now of releasing some of the largest patch notes I have EVER seen for a game, so it's just not humanly(or computerly) possible for me to get all of them to fit in this post haha! I will instead just supply a source link and you can have fun from th... Read More

Hearthstone EventsMay 17, 2014
Our Hearthstone group is doing a lot of events, and we need more member participation to help make these events more enjoyable.

Right now, we have King of the Hill, which is going on twice a week. One person controls the hill, while other members challenge that member fo... Read More

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Boom Boxes!May 16, 2014
Got a Love for the Loot? Then WildStar Boom-Boxes Are for You!

Boom-Boxes are still available in the WildStar Open Beta! For each day you log into the game, you will receive 3 Boom-Boxes. Each one unlocks unique and random items, starting at launch!

Want to know more? ... Read More

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Marvel Heroes Patch 2.46 Live!!May 16, 2014
Lots of fun things being added here with Midtown madness loot explosion fest!!! and the brand new One-Shot story Wakandan Vibranium Mines!!!

One-Shot Story - Wakandan Vibranium Mines
The Wakanda One-Shot Story mission is the first of many new pieces of story... Read More

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Siegecrafter and Paragons KilledMay 12, 2014
Tonight, we went into Siege and proceed to kill two new bosses, Siegecrafter and Paragons. Siegecrafter was a one shot tonight, and we got Paragons on our third attempt. I'm really proud of the team on these kills. Thank you guys for showing up for the flex practice nights, ... Read More

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Marvel Heroes 2.45 Patch NotesMay 8, 2014
Bounty Hunter week! Now you will know what it's like to be Boba Fett(but not really) as we take down terminal bosses in rotation for sweet loot and other goodies. Bug fixes galore and more with this update.
We have a small patch for you this week, focused pr... Read More

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New Souls are Now Available in Rift!May 7, 2014
New Souls are Now Available in RIFT! the release of RIFT 2.7: Binding of Blood, new Souls have come to the RIFT Store! The Liberator, Oracle, Physician, and Arbiter make sure ev... Read More

Hearthstone Website ProgressionMay 7, 2014
Starting this coming week, we will be doing an inner-clan ladder progression for our Hearthstone group. Hearthstone members can gain points by participating in events, winning matches and events. Those points will be added up each week, on Sunday.

As members gain more point... Read More

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2.7: Binding of Blood DelayedMay 7, 2014
RIFT 2.7: Binding of Blood Delayed

Greetings Ascended,
Much to our disappointment, we have identified a major issue with patch 2.7 and will not be deploying it this Wednesday in either region.
We are working on addressing the issue, but we do not yet have an ETA on whe... Read More

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Rift 2.7 Binding of Blood Coming May 7thApr 30, 2014
Heroes have found their options expanded, with the opportunity to fill new roles for their Calling. Follow the words of an ancient Dwarf, and dig deep into the origins of these new souls. Simultaneously travel back in time, and prevent a mysterious foe from changing the hist... Read More

Marvel Heroes 2.43 Patch NotesApr 30, 2014
Susan Storm Richards has joined the Marvel Heroes roster! Utilize forcefields to crush enemies, turn invisible, and protect your allies!

For this week, the drop rates of “daily runes” such as Tyr, Odin, and Frigga have been do... Read More

Odd Website BehaviorApr 28, 2014
As several of you noticed this morning, there was some odd website behavior going on. For many, it appeared like you were logged in as LegoSpartan. No, he didn't have anything to do with this.

Our hosting for the website is provided by HostGator, and since we are small, in ... Read More

Advanced Patch Notes for 2.42Apr 22, 2014
Here are some advanced patch notes that Doomsaw felt nice enough to post for us all. This patch will include the new level 52 review for Black Widow, The debut of Invisible Woman, an event to end ALL EVENTS, and too many QoL changes to even being to paraphrase(Gaz went Oprah... Read More

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Create Tables in PostsApr 22, 2014
I have added a new feature to the website, creating tables in forum postings. You will see the table generator option when starting a new thread, and doing an "Advanced Reply" to a post. Clicking the link will make the generator pop up, out of your browser, as to not disrupt... Read More

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Spoils and Thok KilledApr 21, 2014
Tonight, we went into Siege and proceed to kill two new bosses, Spoils and Thok. I was extremely impressed with everyone on the Thok kill. We killed him on our third attempt. Congrats to everyone on this progression! Read More

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Screenshot RequestsApr 18, 2014
I am looking for screenshots from member adventures throughout the various games in our community to be used on the website. Can be any resolution size, though the larger the resolution, the better.

The images should not show the User Interface at all. It would be good if... Read More

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Marvel Heroes 2.41 Patch NotesApr 17, 2014
Holiday Event time!(we basically have an event every week it seems haha!) Lots of fun bug fixes, Thor get really old, Hulk armors up, and Cosmic Iron Buddy for the hardcore all in this patch.

Mysterious Eggs are appearing all over Earth! Hank McCoy (a.k.a) ... Read More

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Malkorok KilledApr 14, 2014
Last night, we went into Siege and proceed to one shot both Shamans and General Nazgrim. We then made progression by taking out Malkorok on our 2nd attempt. Congrats to everyone on this progression! Read More

Mad Bomber Tournament 1Apr 14, 2014
We are going to be hosting our first "Mad Bomber" tournament this Saturday, April 19th. Our Mad Bomber tournaments will work slightly different from our normal tournaments. These tournaments will feature a more specific constraint on participants, that require a much differe... Read More

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Beware the Curse of Naxxramas!Apr 11, 2014
Beware the Curse of Naxxramas!

Hearthstone’s highly anticipated single player Adventure Mode has been officially announced today at PAX East! Curse of Naxxramas: A Hearthstone Adventure!

A Necr... Read More

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Marvel Heroes Patch 2.4 Now Live!Apr 11, 2014
Team ups are here! uniques will be dropping like hot cakes on the new event this week and much more in patch 2.4.

Team-Ups have been released! Falcon, Firestar, Magik, and Spider-Man can now be purchased with Eternity Splinters or Gs. For details on te... Read More

Community Crossover Tournament 1Apr 9, 2014
Today we are announcing our first Community Crossover Tournament event. The officers of different divisions got together and wanted to put together an event that could include everyone from all divisions, and this is what they have come up with.

Our first event will take pl... Read More

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Hearthstone Tournament 1 - DecklistsApr 8, 2014
This is a reminder that everyone in the tournament will need to send to me either screenshots of their decklist, or compiled list using a compile site like Hearthhead.

These need to be sent to me by Saturday morning. Once I have decklists from everyone, classes that each... Read More

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Marvel Heroes 2.36 Patch NotesApr 3, 2014
Marvel Heroes patch time again and this time we have Team-Ups, bug fixes, and the MH devs troll everyone by adding a Cosmic Prestige that will take 25 times as long to go from 1 to 60....enjoy!

Black Panther
To follow-up Black Panther’s level 52 design revi... Read More

Among the Shadows is now Pwnies ParadiseApr 1, 2014
Today, we are going to be coming out from Among the Shadows and changing the community to Pwnies Paradise. Pwnies Paradise more reflects what our community members are all about... Pwning! Welcome to the new community, here's to all the future Pwning.

Hearthstone Tournament 1Mar 31, 2014
We are going to be hosting our first Hearthstone tournament on April 12th at 8pm. These tournaments will be open Among the Shadows members and
non-members. Non-members will still need to join the site to submit an
entry form and for communication purposes through our tou... Read More

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General Nazgrim KilledMar 31, 2014
Tonight, our only night doing Siege of Orgrimmar this week, since we went and did some older raids on Friday night, we one shot through all of the bosses through and including Kor'kron Dark Shaman.

With time to spare in the raid, we continued on and took out General Nazgri... Read More

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ESO is live.Mar 30, 2014
We are now in ESO. Message @Arganoc for guild invite.

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Marvel Heroes 2.35 Patch NotesMar 28, 2014
Dr Strange, SG QoL improvements, MORE Cowbell, what will be 50 extra inventory slots!! Just click play already and let this heroey goodness consume your soul!!!!!!

New Hero - Doctor Strange!
The Sorcerer Supreme has joined the Marvel Heroes roster!
Dr. Strange is one... Read More

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Among Shadows in Heroes of the StormMar 27, 2014
As of today, we are officially bring Heroes of the Storm into the listing of games represented by Among the Shadows, and also recruiting for the clan that we will have at launch.

If you are a guest and would like to join us, first register and then fill out a short applica... Read More

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Marvel Heroes Patch 2.34 is Live!Mar 20, 2014
This week features a small patch to fix bugs reported over the weekend and create a few quality of life improvements.

This weekend is a Play with the Devs weekend accompanied by a 50% boost to rare item find, special item find and experience.
The boosts be... Read More

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Aldmeri DominionMar 19, 2014
We shall be representing Queen Ayrenn, and the Aldmeri Dominion in ESO.

Help aid our cause, as we cast Molag Bal back to oblivion and retake Cyrodiil as its rightful ruler.

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Marvel Heroes Patch 2.33 is Live!Mar 13, 2014
Tis good to be Irish lady in this patch O'goodness for Marvel Heroes. We have gold coins, 4 leaf glovers, and legendary pieces of rainbows to craft a special legendary(they're always after me lucky charms!!) Hero fixes, bug fixes, and upcoming tasty treats galore.

LUC... Read More

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Hiding Forum SectionsMar 12, 2014
Hiding Forums
We do have a lot of forum sections here, and let's face it, you may not be interested in seeing all of them.

To show or hide any forum section, you will need to go to User CP and then to Hidden Forums. Here you can check which category sections, or individ... Read More

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Hearthstone Patch Notes - - All That Glitters!Mar 11, 2014
Hearthstone Patch Notes - - All That Glitters!
The latest Hearthstone patch is coming! With this patch, we’re fixing a ton of bugs, adding some extra awesome Ranked Play rewards, making a couple minor adjustments to card balance and . . . well, there’s a lot of s... Read More

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Patch 2.32 NotesMar 7, 2014
With this patch we get ODIN's BOUNTY WEEKEND, Gambit get some changes, X-Defense changes, and much more.

Pop the link to get the full notes.

Marvel Heroes 2.32 Patch Notes

Among Shadows in WildstarMar 6, 2014
For a long time, we have had Wildstar listed under our Beta Games section, and for good reason. We have been anticipating the release of Wildstar, and while there is still no release date, several members have expressed interest in the game for us to make it officially a div... Read More

Elder Scrolls Division LeaderMar 4, 2014
Today, Arganoc, has stepped up to help run and maintain the guild for the community, in Elder Scrolls Online. He will maintain the day-to-day events of the guild.

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Kor'kron Dark Shaman KilledMar 4, 2014
This week, we were able to get another new kill, taking out Kor'kron Dark Shaman with only 3 attempts. Congrats to everyone on the new kill!

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Shadows League - Season 1 - ResultsMar 3, 2014
Our first season of Shadows League has concluded. Congratulations to all our top 3 winners. In 3rd place, Terranoid. In 2nd place, Alceister. And taking home the grand prize.... LegoSpartan!!

There are a lot of people to thank for making this happen and a success. First, ob... Read More

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Marvel Heroes 2.31 Patch NotesFeb 28, 2014
With Patch 2.31 we have MOON KNIGHT and MARDI GRAS event!!!! Along with that comes a ton of Quality of Life changes, bug fixes, and so much much more.


The Fist of Khonshu has been added to Marvel Heroes! Utilize his brutal melee powers and array... Read More

Shadows League Season 1 FinalsFeb 25, 2014
After 6 weeks of regular season games, we have reached the finals for our Shadows League, Season 1. The bracket is fully set up, and players can see where they will be ranked at for the finals tournament.

Players have been competing for 6 weeks for prime spots in this fin... Read More

Galakras & Iron Juggernaut KilledFeb 24, 2014
This week, we were able to get 2 new bosses killed. Between last week and this week, we have spent a couple nights working on killing Galakras. Tonight, we not only killed Galakras, but then proceeded to kill Iron Juggernaut on our first attempt. Read More

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Marvel Heroes 2.3 Patch NotesFeb 21, 2014
Daredevil and Torch get their level 52 reviews(skill reworks), bug fixes galore, the all NEW S.H.I.E.L.D. Holo-SIM, and so much more with Moon Knight only a week away!!!!

A new game mode has arrived, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Holographic Tr... Read More

Elders Scrolls NDA LiftedFeb 19, 2014

I know this news comes out a couple days late. I've been working 3rd shifts, and not seen as much gaming news as I would have liked to.

However, the NDA has been lifted for Elder Scrolls Online, so go ahead and share screenshots, videos, impressions, etc. on... Read More

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Sha of Pride KilledFeb 16, 2014
This week, we were able to get more progression, killing Sha of Pride on Friday night. Then tonight we went in to take down Galakras. We got through 2nd towers several times, and came close a couple times. Galakras, you're on notice! Read More

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Marvel Heroes Patch 2.21 is Live!Feb 14, 2014
Marvel Heroes 2.21 is here and Gazillion is giving everyone VD!!!! Yay!!!! Oh..wait...Not that VD, I mean Valentines Day!! We have candy hearts for coins, V-Day items to help with crafter/enchanter leveling, 50% XP when grouping with 1 or more people, and some bug fixes to t... Read More

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Norushen KilledFeb 10, 2014
Tonight, we went into Siege of Orgrimmar and progressed through Norushen. At the end of the fight, we were awarded with 2 warforged items! One went to Lightbane, and the other to Orosa. Congrats everyone on this progression. Read More

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Marvel Heroes Patch 2.2 is Live!!Feb 7, 2014
This update includes RUNEWORDS!!! and other amazing things. Pop the spoiler for the notes of this patch.

Runewords have arrived in Marvel Heroes! Find Uru-Forged items and use Runes to enhance them with Runewords at the Enchanter, which can be found in all Hu... Read More

Shadows League Tournament - Week 4Feb 7, 2014

I will be traveling tomorrow (Saturday), heading home. I will likely not be getting home in time for the tournament. Threxor will be stepping up for this week to help admin the tournament in my absence. Everyone should be familiar with the setup, after 3 weeks, ... Read More

Elder Scrolls Online Beta KeysFeb 6, 2014
Curse is giving away 500,000 Elder Scrolls Beta keys. Right now Elder Scrolls Online has been doing beta weekends, and it is unsure when a permanent beta will begin. These keys have already been available for 2 days, as they were offered to Curse Premium members first. They ... Read More

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X-Defense and Danger RoomFeb 4, 2014
Heretic was kind enough to share some of the upcoming changes and things going on with the current X-Defense and future Danger Room areas. Click the Spoiler for all the hype.

Hey all,
As many of you know, we've been iterating aggressively with X-Defense (and Danger Room... Read More

Shadows League - Top 5 Plays - Week 1Jan 31, 2014
Thanks to Threxor for putting this video together. These are the top 5 best plays from week 1.

Marvel Heroes Patch 2.15 NotesJan 30, 2014
Meine Damen und Herren, hier ist Nightcrawler!(Ladies and Gentlemen, Here is Nightcrawler!) We also have Chinese New year/Lunar Festival event for the next two weeks, some bug fixes, some buffs, some nerfs, and lots more fun in store!!

The swashbuckling, t... Read More

Chinese New Year / Lunar Festival Holiday CelebrationJan 29, 2014
We worked on some stuff for you guys for the Chinese New Year / Lunar Festival Holiday.

Every day you login from Friday to the next two weeks after that, you will receive a daily gift of a Red Envelope.
The red envelope could contain one of the following things:

A Chi... Read More

Guild Bank Needs - January 28thJan 29, 2014
Good evening everyone. I know that many of you are farmers in the game, not just in professions, but the farm at Halfhill as well. Below is a list of needs the guild bank needs for this week.

We have several different types of cuts in the guild bank, all available f... Read More

Marvel Heroes Patch 2.14 NotesJan 24, 2014
Patch 2.14 is just part one of what is going to end this month with an epic patch.

We have Capt and Hawkeye getting reworked.
Hawkeye becomes a bad bad man? I think yes!
Capt...please...he's assembling The Avengers now to rain the pain(Did I mention also reviving everyon... Read More

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Among Shadows in Battlefield 4Jan 24, 2014
Today, we are officially launching our Battlefield 4 division, for PC Gaming. This division will be led by Bdude656 aka Terranskeet to our StarCraft 2 people. He has established the clan in the game.

Those interested in joining can do so directly through their User CP and... Read More

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Shadows League Season 1 Begins TomorrowJan 17, 2014
Tomorrow is the first day of our Shadows League. For those that will be participating, here is how the structure and flow will proceed for the season games.

I will be on StarCraft 2 early, likely around 3:30pm EST. There is an established private group that I will invite ... Read More

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Ventrilo InformationJan 16, 2014
Our Ventrilo Information has changed. The port is still the same. If you need the info, please click the Vent icon above on the top bar. (Only viewable by members).

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Marvel Heroes Patch 2.13 NotesJan 16, 2014
X-Defense Player-Appreciation Weekend!
For the next week, we've boosted X-Defense in the following ways:
Special Item Find, Rare Item Find and Experience rewards increased (escalating based on wave).
Doombots have a small chance to drop Hand of Doom
Several enemy bosses ... Read More

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Packing up and Moving to TuralyonJan 16, 2014
Among the Shadows is officially packing up from Area 52 and moving over to Turalyon. Free transfers off of Area 52 to Turalyon are now active. I would like to thank those of Southern Comfort for taking us in so many months ago when we were lost and wandering aimlessly throug... Read More

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Marvel Heroes 2.12 Live!!!Jan 13, 2014
Minor Fixes, Quality of Life improvements and more with this patch.(no Nightcrawler yet....rumored end of month patch)

Punk Rock Leather Go-Go Boots now include a move speed bonus.
Super Soldier Serum now has a modest amount of health regen (was accidentally l... Read More

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Marvel Heroes Patch 2.11 is Live!Jan 4, 2014
Patch Overview
From Doomsaw: We had a core group of designers working over the holiday to bring you a patch this week. They could have taken a well-deserved week off, but sometimes you just want to keep making the game better and better and a Christmas present to yourself..... Read More

Forum Header ImagesJan 3, 2014
I have spent a bit of time adding in a new feature to the website, that lets you design your own forum posting headers. There are some specific settings that must be followed for these to work right, so follow the instructions below.

1. You will need to make sure your ima... Read More

Good bye 2013, Hello 2014Jan 1, 2014
Happy New Year everyone! As we leave behind another year, I'd like to take a moment and reflect on what has happened for the community in the last year.

This past year has been one of ups and downs. This year saw the closing of our Star Wars: The Old Republic division. Star... Read More

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Shadows League - Season 1Dec 28, 2013
Today marks the beginning for signups for our Shadows League in StarCraft 2. Shadows League will be a week-to-week tournament. Season 1 will last 7 weeks. There will be 6 weeks of regular season games, ending on the 7th week with a weekend tournament event. This event is for... Read More

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Merry Christmas and Happy HolidaysDec 25, 2013
From Among the Shadows to everyone, we hope that you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Have a great Holiday season, and enjoy your gaming Happy

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StarCraft 2 Tournament 5 - Feelin FrostyDec 16, 2013
On Saturday, we had our first internal tournament, featuring members of the clan from ranks Silver to Platinum. In a close finals game, Mojo prevailed over Issoloc, with Alby & HeyAngel placing 3rd.

Thanks to everyone that participated, and for ChiLL and BeastlyLegit for ... Read More

Officer ChiLLDec 3, 2013
Today, ChiLL has been promoted to an officer for our StarCraft 2 group. He will be planning out guild events, clan wars, and tournaments. Thanks ChiLL for taking on this responsibility and helping make the StarCraft 2 group even better!

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Rift OfficersDec 2, 2013
As our Rift group continues to grow, several members have been approached and accepted promotions to become officers and help lead and guide this division in various areas. As such, the officer breakdown can be seen below.

Crystalla - Guild Leader, maintain day-to-day act... Read More

Member Profile OverhaulNov 29, 2013
The member profile page has been fully updated with an updated layout and features.

Cover Photo
Members can upload their own profile cover photos. Photos should be 1024x300 or of similar resolution size.

Photo Albums
Members can create photo albums and upload photos to tho... Read More

Happy ThanksgivingNov 28, 2013
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Eat some turkey, enjoy some football, and have a great day!

Among the Shadows Gear ShopNov 24, 2013
Over the last several days, I have been building a Gear Shop for the community, based on a thread in our suggestions forums. I decided to go with the site,

Our dedicated shop page can be found at:

Our store co... Read More

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Marvel Heroes Patch 2.02 Has Gone LIVE!!Nov 23, 2013
Gambit makes his debut, PVP tuning, Pet slot added to free up inventory spots, UI improvements, upgrades, new items, and much more...

The Ragin’ Cajun has been added to Marvel Heroes! Gambit offers players the option of melee, ranged or hybrid gamepla... Read More

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Elder Scrolls Beta NDA ReminderNov 20, 2013
From news sources, it has been revealed that Elder Scrolls Online has sent out another wave of Beta invites. I would like to remind everyone not to discuss anything from the Beta or anything that would break the NDA you have agreed to.

Any postings or threads that appear to... Read More

DonationsNov 16, 2013
Community Members,
I'd like to remind everyone about our donations page. The current costs of the guild are as follows:

20 Slot Ventrilo Server - $8.00
Website Hosting - $15.00

All of these costs, after donations, are covered by myself. Any contributions made will be appre... Read More

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Game Update 2.01 Patch NotesNov 14, 2013
Hero Changes, no more infinite Loki illusions, a waypoint added to MM, Costumes, and more...
Focus on a few bug fixes, corrections to Loki's illusions (as most player's reported) and quality-of-life improvements to a few heroes.

Fixed an issue with Col... Read More

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Among the Shadows - New ThemeNov 9, 2013
Today, I have released the new theme for our Among the Shadows website. Everyone NEEDS to clear their website cache. You can easily do this by pressing the Ctrl and F5.

So, what has been updated...
News and Forum Header Images
Updated Navigation Bar
Header Bar that sti... Read More

Marvel Heroes Patch 2.0 Going Live!Nov 8, 2013
MHToday we get a new hero (Loki, God of Mischief), Colossus gets his rework in, a BRAND NEW UI, BRAND NEW Chapter 9, a NEW Hub(once unlocked), NEW Legendaries, RINGS, and much more......

A brand new playable hero has been added to Marvel Heroes!... Read More

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Public ForumsNov 6, 2013
ATSI made a couple changes to the auto social media poster that posts news postings to our Twitter and Facebook pages. As such, I have re-opened the public forums to the public. Before, they were set to only be seen by those that registered. In addition, I have also made the... Read More

.... And We're Back!Nov 5, 2013
ATSSome of you may have noticed the website go down for a short period of time today. The auto-renewal on the domain through GoDaddy did not go through, and that is what caused the down time. But now we're back, for another year!

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Marvel Heroes Patch 1.42 is Live!Oct 31, 2013
MHThis week we get some changes to Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Squirrel Girl, and Human Torch. Headpool enters the game as an enhanced pet for Halloween goodness, Cap gets a new costume, and spawn rates on enemies for legendary quests have been increased.

Several ... Read More

Newest Hero - LokiOct 29, 2013
MH Today, Gazillion has announced the next upcoming playable (hero?) ... Loki from Thor. For a limited time, players can pre-order Loki and get a 10% discount on the character.

Beyond this point, I'll be curious to know of any other villains that will become playable. I had... Read More

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Marvel Heroes Patch 1.41 Now Live!Oct 25, 2013
MHThis week’s patch focuses on bug fixing for various heroes, as well as adding new unique items (as well as adjusting some based on community feedback) and more changes to Legendary Quests. In addition, we have enabled the group queue system for endgame modes (starting with... Read More

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Rift Resets and Shard changesOct 22, 2013
Rift For those not aware Rift will be doing some updates on Wednesday of this week. Including Name resets if you haven't played your character recently and it has been sitting around unused your name will end up getting reset, so when you do go to log into your characters yo... Read More

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Patch 1.4 Goes Live TonightOct 18, 2013
MH Patch 1.4 Notes have been released. Bringing Squirrel Girl, Spiderman rework, and more.

Notes for this patch have been posted in full on the Marvel section of our forums, as well as, the source below. Read More

ThunderDogeSportsSep 27, 2013
SC2Who is able to participate this Tuesday?

WoW Group and Community ChangesSep 23, 2013

Our World of Warcraft group has spent a majority of this weekend raiding with a guild called Southern Comfort. They have been around the same progression, but having the same attendance issues on raid nights. After some very successful raids, we have decided to... Read More

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Threxor Streaming ShowSep 22, 2013
SC2As many of you know, Threxor has been casted our last tournament and will be casting the next one for us. He does a live show on the weekends, both Saturday and Sunday at 4pm EST. His shows are also put onto YouTube. He's really looking at breaking out into the casting co... Read More

StarCraft 2 Tournament 4 - March to KorhalSep 18, 2013
Our next StarCraft 2 tournament will feature our first of themed tournaments that will feature a small short story to follow the reason behind players will be competing in the tournament. It has no effect on... Read More

ThunderDogeSports Clan Wars TournementSep 16, 2013
SC2Round 2 begins tomorrow everyone be ready i spoke with the clan leader and he said he is sending platinum and Golds our way so this time it should be a fair fight remember 9pm est good luck!

Clan Wars Plat-Silver TournySep 11, 2013
SC2Saturday the 14th we have been challanged to a clan wars tournement where we will face clan Denimos it is a Plat-Silver tournement that will be at 6pm Eastern all are welcome!!
Reply on this post to register rank/Player code/ Id

ThunderDogeSports Clan Wars TournementSep 3, 2013
SC2I recieved a invite from the hosts of ThunderDogeSports that there will be a large, clan wars league for Starcraft 2 beginning 9/10/13 at 9pm Est.

This is a point based league that will last for 8 weeks there is already 4 clans signed on an 3 that are still in registra... Read More

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StarCraft 2 Tournament 3 - Maps of YesteryearAug 28, 2013
SC2 Our StarCraft 2 tournaments are once again starting. Our next tournament has been code named "Maps of Yesteryear". The tournament is for Bronze and Silver players, and the map pool consists of ladder maps from long ago.

The tournament will be on Sunday, September 8th,... Read More

MericcTheBronze Has Been Promoted To WarlordAug 16, 2013
WF On August 16, 2013, at 3:34 PM, MericcTheBronze was promoted by HeyAngel to be a "Warlord." Mericc has been chosen to become a "Warlord" (the highest rank in the clan) because he has shown daily activity in Warframe, experience, leadership, and commitment. Mericc has prov... Read More

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Terrace of Endless Spring ClearedAug 6, 2013
WoW Last night, the guild in World of Warcraft, ventured into Terrace of the Endless Spring and took down Sha of Fear. After a few attempts, we killed the boss with no deaths.

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Terrace of Endless Spring ProgressionAug 2, 2013
WoWLast night, the guild in World of Warcraft, ventured into Terrace of the Endless Spring for the first time. We took down the first boss using the Elite strategy on our first attempt. Tsulong took us a couple attempts, and then we also killed Lei Shi on our first attempt. ... Read More

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Among the Shadows in WarframeJul 28, 2013
WF As of today, we have established an official guild division in our first MMO Shooter game, Warframe! This division will be led by HeyAngel. All current members are welcome to join this group. To access the forums, go to User CP -> Group Memberships, and then join the Warf... Read More

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StarCraft 2 Tournament 2Jul 20, 2013
SC2Our first StarCraft 2 tournament was held this evening, and was a huge success. I would like to thank all of the participants that showed up for the event. I would also like to thank Zorian for the casting he did during the event.

Congratulations to Virhur on winning the... Read More

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StarCraft 2 Tournament 1Jul 7, 2013
SC2 Our first StarCraft 2 tournament was held this evening, and was a huge success. I would like to thank all of the participants that showed up for the event. I would also like to thank Zorian for the casting he did during the event.

Congratulations to Jcubs on winning t... Read More

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Frequently Asked QuestionsJul 2, 2013
ATS I have added a "Frequently Asked Questions" section to the website. This is the first link found by mousing over the Forums link above.

If any member, especially newer members, have questions about the set up and layout of the website, please ask them. If you have a ... Read More

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StarCraft 2 TournamentsJul 1, 2013
SC2 Due to recent interest, we are going to start doing StarCraft 2 tournaments. These tournaments will be open Among the Shadows members and non-members. Non-members will still need to join the site to submit an entry form and for communication purposes through our tourname... Read More

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World Championship Series WeekendJun 28, 2013
SC2 Starting tonight, StarCraft 2 will be having a World Championship Series (WCS) event going on in Anaheim.

June 28 - MLG Day 1 - 8pm EST
June 29 - MLG Day 2 - 1pm EST
June 30 - MLG Day 3 - 2pm EST

We have set up a stream page for the WCS here on our website at, ht... Read More

Among the Shadows in World of Warcraft... Take 2Jun 28, 2013
WoW As of today, we have become re-established in World of Warcraft. Our guild is on the Area 52 server, level 25, Horde faction, and ready for raiding and guild events. This is the first guild that we have brought out of retirement due to member request.

Kane will be runn... Read More

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Transferring ServersJun 25, 2013
RIFT We have now moved from the Greybriar server to the Wolfsbane server. Some members have had issues transferring to Greybriar, stating it is not being allowed for transfer at the moment. Due to that and that we have been offered us a guild that is at rank 12 guild, with 2... Read More

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Website Updates - June 25, 2013Jun 25, 2013
ATS Today there have been several additions and updates to the website.

Application Pages
The copy and paste application template for all divisions has been removed. I never particularly liked the process of copy and paste and had been looking for a way to remove that proc... Read More

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Custom ProfilesJun 23, 2013
ATSHello everyone,

As some you may have seen postings I've put into our Graphics and Design section, I have been working on creating custom profiles for each of the games here. So far I have completed profile pages for Marvel Heroes, Rift, and StarCraft 2. There are several... Read More

New Theme and LayoutJun 22, 2013
ATS Anyone who is a regular user to the website will notice... just a small change with our website theme. I have spent the last 2 days updating our website theme to look like this.

Now, before you all get teary eyed over the last theme going away, the reason we updated the... Read More

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Website OptimizationJun 19, 2013
ATS Some of you may have noticed some issues with the navigation bar earlier. Do not worry, it was completely intentional and all has been fixed.

Due to the addition of plugins, content, and more active users on our site, I began looking up load time testers for the site.... Read More

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Home Page Update and RecruitmentJun 14, 2013

Last night our homepage received a bit of an update. This is the last touches that I have planned for the homepage. The images rotating are are in no particular or and rotate around at random.

I would like to include more pictures from the guild, either t... Read More

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Website Updates - June 13, 2013Jun 13, 2013
ATSA little while ago, we updated our website server hardware to have a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate. This provides an added security layer and feature to our website.

In addition we also have a dedicated IP address. This dedicated IP address is what would have ... Read More

Supergroups are live! (And other Patch Notes)Jun 13, 2013
MHOhnoto Edit: Supergroups are still not working properly, thanks for that notice Blev. When Supergroups are properly working, Wulfram (Stubbdogg) will be creating the supergroup.

Hello True Believers,

Supergroups have finally been implemented in Marvel Heroes! We will now... Read More

Among the Shadows in RiftJun 12, 2013
RIFTToday Rift goes Free to Play. Due to the growing interest in the Free to Play option over the last couple weeks, we have established a guild division of Among the Shadows for Rift. This division will be led by a member who has been with us from shortly after the time we ... Read More

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Dragon Bash Begins June 11Jun 10, 2013
GW2Dragon's Bash event will begin tomorrow. As with past events, not everything is coming out the first day of the event, so view the full schedule below. In addition there are some additional features being added to the game.

Lion’s Arch honors the defiant spirit of its c... Read More

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Season 4 Has BegunJun 10, 2013
Today marks the beginning of Season 4. With that comes the resetting of ladder points and bonus pool. In addition, some changes have been made to the maps for 1v1 and 4v4.

In StarCraft II leag... Read More

E3 News CoverageJun 10, 2013
ATSThe E3 expo will be getting underway shortly. Today will be Press Conferences with major gaming companies, and tomorrow begins the 3 day event of gaming display. There are a lot of cool and interesting titles being displayed there throughout this week.

Anyone intereste... Read More

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Profile Page UpdateJun 7, 2013
ATSToday I completely redesigned and rebuilt User Profile pages from scratch. You can view your profile by clicking your name above where it says "Welcome back, USER".

What used to be table boxes of random information spread out, has now been condensed down into neat and ... Read More

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Neverwinter Live Date and Module News!Jun 7, 2013
In case you didn't think that the game had officially launched, Neverwinter is officially launching June 20, 2013, so get ready!

Neverwinter is live on June 20, 2013

We're excite... Read More

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Iron Man Heartbreaker Armor Costume GiveawayJun 5, 2013
Alienware is giving away Ironman Heartbreaker Armor Costumes. These are going quick, so get over and get yours soon.

Get your Iron Man Heartbreaker Armor Costume for Marvel Heroes first from ... Read More

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Website Updates - June 3, 2013Jun 4, 2013
It's been a busy busy day for building our website, and I'm sure the next few days will be just the same. I made some fixes and adjustments today, and I'd like to just list some of the more major ones here for everyone, so that you are all up to date on our website.

... Read More

The new Among the Shadows WebsiteJun 2, 2013
ATSWelcome to the new Among the Shadows guild website. As the website is new, there could be minor areas that still need to be adjusted. This is a custom CSS that I have set up, and while it appears to be fully complete, should anyone find something that doesn't appear corre... Read More

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