Friendly Community
Among the Shadows is a Friends and Family style community, welcoming of all types of players. We realize that members many responsibilities outside of gaming. We want your membership here to be long and a fun experience.

Frequent Events
Most of our gaming divisions hosts a variety of events weekly. Our MMORPG divisions host dungeons and raids every week. Our RTS divisions host trainings, custom games, and tournament events. We use Ventrilo as our voice communication for events.

Expanding Community
Our community is member driven. Many of our established divisions are here because members stepped up to create them. This community is not about one person dictating the games of the community, it is about members making it what they want it to be.

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To celebrate Leap Day this year (Monday, February 29th), we will be having a special event this week...

Last night, we continued our progression by taking down Socrethar on our first attempt of the night....

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RIFT 3.5 Winter’s Wrath Preview: Fae Yule
December 4, 2015

Winter’s Wrath is fast approaching –...

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Save Big in RIFT With Special Black Friday Deals on Mounts and More!
November 25, 2015

Big savi...

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Ready to make history? The Primalist, our first-ever new Calling, is LIVE and resetting the clock in...

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With our second week getting to Iskar, we have taken him down. We then proceeded to Fel Lord Zakuun,...

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With our second week getting to Gorefiend, we have taken him down. We proceed to go up to Iskar with...

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One of the toughest bosses we've faced yet, but Kilrogg is dead... finally. Good job everyone! Goref...

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Unicorns from the Plane of Life are whinnying themselves hoarse in fear for their lives! Prepare to ...

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Tonight we went in and took down the Council encounter. Good job everyone! Kilrogg, you're on notice...

Hello all, and welcome to Game Update 3.3! We’ve been hard at work here at the BioWare Austin Studio...

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What goes into crafting the new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Em...

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Tonight was our first night in Hellfire Citadel, and we took down the first 3 bosses within this rai...

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Achievements are now live!

The Age of Ultron is upon us!

About Among Shadows
Among Shadows was founded in July, 2011 for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Over the years, we have added additional games to our community. From the beginning, we have always strived to make our community enjoyable for all members.
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