Friendly Community
Among the Shadows is a Friends and Family style community, welcoming of all types of players. We realize that members many responsibilities outside of gaming. We want your membership here to be long and a fun experience.

Frequent Events
Most of our gaming divisions hosts a variety of events weekly. Our MMORPG divisions host dungeons and raids every week. Our RTS divisions host trainings, custom games, and tournament events. We use Ventrilo as our voice communication for events.

Expanding Community
Our community is member driven. Many of our established divisions are here because members stepped up to create them. This community is not about one person dictating the games of the community, it is about members making it what they want it to be.

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Tonight we went in and took down the Council encounter. Good job everyone! Kilrogg, you're on notice.

Hello all, and welcome to Game Update 3.3! We’ve been hard at work here at the BioWare Austin Studio and we’re all excited to deliver this much anticipated update, so let’s go right into the content of update 3.3.

Yavin Stronghold
As a designer on the original Strongholds release, I’m especially jazzed about the Yavin 4 Temple Stronghold. The Cartel Market Design team along with two of our extremely talented studio artists have put together a beautiful, immersive new space for you to explore, decorate and make a part of your unique Star Wars story.

This undiscovered temple has 16 centerpiece hooks, 2 starship hooks, more than any other stronghold currently in the game, and hundreds of the standard hooks you’d expect, offering countless decorating possibilities. We’ve also added more hooks in the environment and on the temple exterior, and those that explore off the beaten path may find a few additional surprises.

Will your Yavin 4 Temple be a retreat to contemplate the light ... Read More

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Crafting the Next Story of Star Wars™: The Old Republic

What goes into crafting the new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire?

Creative director Jesse Sky takes things back to the beginning.
Back to basics
Last year, I decided to re-watch The Empire Strikes Back® and write down everything that shocked the audience back in its original theatrical run. It’s a very long list.

That film packs a real emotional punch—it’s full of twists, betrayals and revelations the entire way through. I’ve wanted to tell a Star Wars™ story like that ever since the first time I saw it.

When we began conceptualizing Knights of the Fallen Empire, the story was our first priority.

We decided very early on that we wanted to get back to our roots as a BioWare roleplaying game. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is the game that made me want to work for BioWare. ... Read More

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Tonight was our first night in Hellfire Citadel, and we took down the first 3 bosses within this raid with ease. Below are images of our triumphant kills!

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Largest Expansion To Date Marks Renewed Focus On Cinematic Storytelling

Check Out The Knights Of The Fallen Empire Launch Trailer Here.

AUSTIN, Texas – June 15, 2015 – BioWare™, an Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) studio, and Lucasfilm revealed that a brand-new digital expansion, Star Wars™: The Old Republic™- Knights of the Fallen Empire, will be available for download on October 27, 2015. The largest story-driven expansion to date, Knights of the Fallen Empire marks a renewed focus on cinematic storytelling in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ by introducing a new personal story arc where player choice will shape the journey. The expansion puts the player at the center of their own personal saga, playing as the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War. The player... Read More

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Achievements are now live!

The Age of Ultron is upon us!
In the new Age of Ultron game mode, you and your allies will have to battle to protect the city against Ultron’s hordes of sentries - and eventually take down Ultron himself!
Age of Ultron is a 5-player mode that will test your team against multiple stages that each have unique objectives. Coordinate with your team to stop Ultron’s widespread assault - the faster your group can defeat each wave, the better your rewards will be when your team is victorious!
To queue for this mission, simply select the Age of Ultron mode from the Challenges tab at any Waypoint.

Vision has joined the roster of Marvel Heroes 2015!
Vision's primary resource is Solar Energy - with this resource Vision can unleash short bursts of deadly ranged attacks, or use it to empower himself temporarily and augment his melee attacks. This resource depletes quickly, but also regenerates at a fast ... Read More

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Tonight we went into Blackrock Furnace and took down Operator Thogar. Quite an interesting fight. Congrats to everyone that was a part of the kill, and those that got tier gear.

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Hello, Arganoc here.

With the one year anniversary of ESO and our in-game guild, I thought I would take this time to thank everyone who has helped to make this guild the best in ESO. I’ll be the first to say it wasn't an easy ride, but I feel the worst is behind us, and with the start of Trials (Trails) I have no doubt that the guild's future will be a bright one.



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Over the last year we have added new groups and faces to our community. We are going to, once again, make an effort to reflect how much we like to pwning in games, by renaming ourselves from Among Shadows to Pwnies Paradise! Welcome to the new community, here's to all the future Pwning.

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Sorry for the late post, but I figured I would put this up to info people who may be interested in paying the game,since it went B2P.

Explore The Elder Scrolls Online without a game subscription on PC and Mac right now.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited has arrived for PC and Mac! For the first time ever, you can adventure in
ESO without paying a game subscription. The entire original game and all six major content updates since launch
(including the new Justice and Champion Systems) are just waiting for you to log in and enjoy. Rally your most trusted
allies, take up your sword, and get ready to experience everything Tamriel has to offer with no restrictions!

If you previously purchased ESO, your characters are ready to continue the adventure right now—all you have to do is
run the launcher to patch up and get back in the game. And if you're currently subscribed, you've automatically
become a member of ESO Plus, our new premium membership! As a member, you're going... Read More

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