Moving On Up

Ohnoto a posted Thu at 13:57

Due to recent incidents, the guild of <surfs up> has joined into Among Shadows. We have a really good amount for our team to start raiding at level 60. 

With that said, the average level in the guild is around 30, with some as high as mid 50s.

We are most in need of Druids and Priests at the moment. If you are interested, come join us.

Welcome to Among Shadows

Ohnoto a posted Dec 4, 17

For those that are just joining us, we have a varied history across multiple games. Over time, some of those games have shut down, some of the members have moved on. Ultimately, for any variety of reasons, the guild went among the shadows... See what I did there? See? Oh... nevermind. 

My promise to every member has been to always have a place that they can return to. Whether it is to connect with past friends and gaming buddies, or just play in the atmosphere we have always strived to provide.

With that said, we are starting to emerge from the shadows again. Many of our forum posts and news posts have been archived to provide a better starting point for the community.

We are launching our guild on a private World of Warcraft server of Everyst. The intention here is to build a solid team that can then move into the Official Classic servers once those launch, together.

They have said that they are going to be flexible with their timeline based on future announcements from Blizzard. Currently they are on patch 1.2 and have the patches spaced out with Naxxramas to launch December, 2018. The population on this server is a bit smaller, but is growing. I do expect for it to become a decent sized server, but not necessarily the size of Esylium or Light's Hope.

I have tried out a couple different ones and ultimately decided to settle on this server based on the server being new and the timeline of the server. With the overly populated Light's Hope server, it has made questing difficult based on collecting items, killing enemies, or that pesky alliance faction camping outside of the towns. Another server I tried has a smaller, but very active, population that has 4x leveling, and has a much shorter 6 month timeline planned.

I hope that you will all decide to join us as we play through Classic World of Warcraft on this server and on the official servers once they are launched.